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sexual harassment work environment

Sexual Harassment / Hostile Work Environment

These are words no employer wants to hear. So, the office banter has finally gotten out of hand and the receptionist has placed you on notice that you need to make the behaviors stop and right now! You, however, have been too busy building your business to notice. Do you have the expertise to handle this type of investigation? We do, give us a call before you’re working for your receptionist at (775) 323-3425! Big or small, we have the solutions for you.

Policies and Procedures

Every business needs to have a good set of rules to follow. But are you really doing what they say? Are you a police agency or security company who needs to have their policies and procedures reviewed? Or are you a small to medium-sized business that needs someone to keep you on the right path? Give us a call at (775) 323-3425. Our certified Litigation Specialist has been specifically trained to give you a general opinion based upon best practices. Give him a call and see what he can do for you.

Workers’ Compensation Accidents / Risk Management Investigations

Do you need a third party to investigate the claims of an injured employee or investigate the claims of a customer who said that they just slipped on your floor? Give us a call at (775) 323-3425. We will find the truth — good or bad — and document the incident thoroughly so your insurance company knows what they’re up against.

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