Attorney – Litigation Support

Whether the case is civil in nature or criminal defense, every attorney needs a good gumshoe to run down the leads. Our firm can provide case analysis, crime scene processing and evidence collection, as well as taking photos, diagramming, obtaining witness interviews and creditable and professional court testimonies. Our reports are complete, professional and on time. Call us today at (775)-323-3425.


Missing Persons

Haven’t seen Uncle Charlie for a while? Did little Jane take Spot and run away with a guy she met on the Internet? Our firm can help you locate that person who you desperately need to find. Call us today at (775) 323-3425.


Employment Background Checks, Due Diligence and Asset Locations

Is the manager at your business selling stolen auto parts out the back door? Or is the till a bit light at night? Does your fiancée have two other families you don’t know about? Is your business partner on his third bankruptcy? Have a judgment and can’t find any personal assets? All of these issues could be avoided with a good background check. Since Nevada is one of eight states that don’t report criminal histories, that internet $19.95 background check does nothing for you. You need a good gumshoe to hand search and validate the information before you kick them to the curb. Call us today at (775) 323-3425.


Fraud Investigations

From fraudulent insurance claims and workers’ compensation claims to financial crimes, we are ready to help. From basic investigations like stings and surveillances to more complex financial crimes, our investigators have the skills to tackle the job. Call us today at (775)-0323-3425.


Surveillance and Domestic

Our firm employs surveillance specialists who have expertise in covert surveillance and capturing the prohibited activities on digital media. If your husband or wife has to stay late at work again or goes in early every morning, why sit and wonder when you can definitively collect the evidence you need to prove they are cheating.

Are you going through a divorce and need to prove to the court via videos or photos of what you’ve known all along? Find out how peace of mind feels. Give us a call for more information about how we can help at (775) 323-3425.

Our investigators are waiting to meet you, so why wait? Give us a call and set up your free case assessment at no obligation today at (775) 323-3425. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You could make a new friend.

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